people who baffle me no.1

there’s a pinay here, a gp, looks over 50, who recently moved back after a rather unsuccessful stint in a developed country (unsuccessful meaning she didn’t get a pr). i’ve never seen her before, i wouldn’t have a clue how she looks like and frankly i’m not one of those who will feign interest for the sake of fellowship. for some reason unknown to the likes of me, she thinks i am obliged to come up to her, be chatty with her and all that unnecessary friendliness just because we are both pinays in a foreign land.

so i wonder, am i obliged??

in a small get-together that i didn’t attend, she goes up to another pinay and says i don’t even say hi to her and when she ran into me, i avoided her. motherfucker, i don’t even know her, i wouldn’t recognize her fuckface if it smashed into me.

one day last week, one of my colleagues pointed her out to me from a considerable distance. eventually after that, i came up to where she was having lunch with another pinay and introduced myself. then like a crazy weirdo, she gives me this haughty look and said “yes, i told (insert name here) that you don’t say hi to me and that you avoided me when i ran into you,” to which i said, “motherfucker, i don’t know you and i don’t know your face, how could i have avoided you?”

no, i didn’t really say that. my mind said it.

i said with a smirk and with all the respectful sarcasm i could muster, “sorry about that, but how could i have said hi to you or avoid you when i wouldn’t have recognized you? i didn’t know how you looked like until (insert name here) pointed you out today.” i must have scoffed because after that she wouldn’t even address me in the mini-conversation and couldn’t manage to look into my eyes.

sometimes people baffle me.


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