scrolling down hollow pages

a couple of days ago, i would have been a bottled-up tangle. now that i am in the cusp of weekend that promises to be a lenient one, i wouldn’t mind a little fugitive frustration to dapple the night.

there are just some nights when you think everything is ok with the world, though you know a few days later you would find a fracture in the order of the universe and make a fuss.

so now i am teetering with insomnia, i try to mount the blocks with some e-window shopping. it’s one of the best emotional self-mutilations you can subject your half-conscious self to. i do it because i am a member of this poor degenerate consumer society without complaints.

i think i will try to read something until my eyes get heavy. i doubt that will happen until maybe 3 in the morning.


i’m thinking — i’m always thinking — what i should aim for next. and i don’t mean these things staring back at me from ebay. since i have redirected my life, i wonder how i should envision the end of this road? hmm.


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