lost things

i think the biggest thing missing from my life now is a cat. not since fifth grade have i lived in a place without at least one cat. even when i asserted my independence in flats that did not allow pets, stray cats abound in the parking lots and alleys, all of the ones who weren’t frightened by human contact i would scratch on the chin even if i were running late. neighbors had a dozen of them domesticated and begging for food from even me, the aloof girl next door.

i married into a dog family, that’s why.


no one talks to me now about boxing and basketball. except for my boxing trainer, of course, but i’m not even the most rigorous of clients.

everybody talks about rugby. and it’s a sport that i just can’t get, even if i tried my very best.

i also married into a rugby-playing family.


no one even tries to psycho-analyze our neuroses. i didn’t know i would miss the creeps that try to shed light on our subconscious even if we didn’t ask them to. i used to think they were just annoying. now i realize they were good for the laughs.


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