it’s 2010 yet

well, now. it’s been a year since i last tapped away for this poor neglected blog. and i actually miss it. miss it the way i do processed meat like honey-cured bacon and tender juicy hotdog when i haven’t had it in a while. or chewy fruit-flavored candy like fruit tella. that is, i don’t realize that i miss it until i go back to it.

then i realized something embarrassing. i misspelled “aloud” in the last post. and wrote “atticus finch” when i meant “scout finch”. that i didn’t bother correcting it means i didn’t mean to revisit this blog. but here i am again. and i promptly edited the previous post.

the past twelve months have been some of the most unusual for me.

on the cyber front, i’ve put up another blog. a flippant, conformist site that got me personally embroiled and needlessly affected in the stats race. i wasn’t doing bad at all in the numbers game, but i was beginning to bring competition where it isn’t even welcome, so i took it off the counters.

eventually, i put up yet another blog. this one to help me make sense of being an ex-pat in a country where i didn’t in my wildest dreams imagine i would settle in. it didn’t help me make sense of being. i blame it on life in general because life is just too absurd.

what brought me back here is my typical search for meaning. aren’t i over that yet? because i don’t feel like writing about bags the price of real estate and makeup that fade into smog.

actually, what really brought me back here is this email that says “your new password”.


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