there’s no school like the old school


move over, lady gaga. let the old-timer’s show us how it’s done.

snap! is a german-american group formed by german producers michael munzing and luca anzilotti in 1989. the most popularly recognized figure would be rapper turbo b. they brought us the ultimate fight song of the 90’s, the power, which catapulted their first album to rank among the most successful dance albums of all time.

c+c music factory consists of music producers robert clivilles and david cole (thus the name c+c; little did we know this then), but the best-known face would have to be freedom williams’, their lead vocalist or what the we used to call “mc”. with many awards as well as superstar collaborations, the group was and continues to distinguish itself in the dance music industry. this is “gonna make you sweat (everybody dance now)”.

2 unlimited, one of the biggest-selling artists to come out of europe, produced by belgians jean-paul decoster and phil wilde, fronted by the dutch duo of ray slijngaard and anita doth. theirs is one of the most recognizable sounds in dance, their tracks still being widely used in major events and dance competitions today, plus remixed to high heavens. no surprise, many people associate “get ready for this” with sports and cheerdance.

salt-n-pepa, the grammy-winning hip-hop group from new york, are cheryl james (salt), sandra denton (pepa) and dierdra roper (spinderella; how cool and 90’s is that name?). they are one of the largest-selling rap groups of all time, something quite unusual for an all-female trio. their popularity swelled upon the remix of “push it”, giving them their first worldwide hit.

are you on your feet now, doing the new jack swing? come on… you know you want to…


2 Responses to “there’s no school like the old school”

  1. 1 shan May 6, 2009 at 6:19 am

    Ahlavett! I had to stop myself from doing the running man and the roger rabbit! LOL

  2. 2 cat with the fiddle May 8, 2009 at 9:12 am

    doesn’t it? we thought we were so cool then.

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