committing 2008 to cyberspace so i don’t have to deal with the demons that come at night

meme. questions lifted from dodo dayao‘s blog.

1. What Did You Do In 2008 That You’d Never Done Before?
three major surgeries and one minor surgery for own child. celebrated same daughter’s first birthday after all that. made long term plans with a partner. play playstation 3.

2. Did You Keep Your New Years’ Resolutions? And Will You Make More For Next Year?
i don’t resolve to do anything every year. i resolved to lose weight after childbirth. and i have kept it off by some miracle of fate.

3. Did Anyone Close To You Give Birth?
hmmm… a close family friend close enough to be called “cousin” in social gatherings, and a second cousin whose mother is a frequent dropper-by in our house.

4. Did Anyone Close To You Die?
my dreams of academic supremacy.

5. What Countries Did You Visit?
going back to number 4: died also my clear plans to travel due to first answer to number 1.

6. What Would You Like To Have In 2009 That You Lacked In 2008?
colored pencils. graphic novels. sunblock. investment pieces. investments, full stop.

7. What Date(s) From 2008 Will Remain Etched Upon Your Memory, And Why?
goodness, none. too many remarkable events, no sense of date and time.

8. What Was Your Biggest Achievement This Year?
pass. if we’re not talking about personal private achievements.

9. What Was Your Biggest Failure?
pass. inasmuch as i don’t have socially significant achievements, i don’t have failures, either. so the year’s a draw.

10. Did You Suffer Illness or Injury?
the usual hypertension and anxiety attacks. no biggie.

11.What Was The Best Thing You Bought?
little big planet. ps3 game. as a gift to chief. but i am addicted just as well.

12.Whose Behavior Merited Celebration?
chief and babyn and me.

13.Whose Behavior Made You Appalled And Depressed?
the usual suspects.

14.Where Did Most of Your Money Go?
medical bills and child support. and tyler outfits and stella luna shoes.

15.What Did You Get Really, Really, Really Excited About?
completion of babyn’s series of operations.

16.What song will always remind you of 2008?
N.E.R.D.’s everybody nose

17.Compared To This Time Last Year, You Are:
happier. absolutely.

18.What Do You Wish You’d Done More Of?
draw and color.

19.What Do You Wish You’d Done Less Of?
handwash laundry.

20.How Did You Spend Christmas?
drove through drizzle with babyn and lolo to buy lechon manok and ice cream.

22.Did You Fall In Love In 2007?
yes, i did, and this time for real.

23.How Many One Night Stands?

24.What Was Your Favorite TV Program?
american idol. like every year.

25.Do You Hate Anyone Now That You Didn’t Hate This Time Last Year?
i hate the same people every year. but there’s one person i love now who i hated this time last year.

26.What Was The Best Book You Read?
naked, david sedaris. WATCHMEN(!), alan moore.

27.What Was Your Greatest Musical Discovery?
i’m a stickler, so not much. though i began to love blues even more.

28.What Did You Want And Get?
chief. and i got him. same goes for him. proud much?

29.What Did You Want And Not Get?
that luxury handbag. time to study.

30. What Was Your Favourite Film This Year?
let’s see now… the dark knight is a given for a big batman fan. blades of glory. i saw the prestige for the first time on dvd after a long and arduous search. after my great expectations, it was still much more than i expected. running with scissors based on book of the same title.

31.What Did You Do On Your Birthday? And How Old Were You?
work. and went to god’s kitchen. watched friends get high and ate big ass burger while incoherent babble spewed like froth from their mouths.

32.What One Thing Would Have Made Your Year Immeasurably Satisfying?
more time with babyn.

33.How Would You Describe Your Personal Fashion Concept In 2008?
underdressed for parties, overdressed for shopping. almost always in dressy tops and jeans. discarded most accessories.

34.What Kept You Sane?
junk food, of course. philip morris 100’s. gay writers augusten burroughs, david sedaris, james wilcox.

35.Which Celebrity/Public Figure Did You Fancy The Most?
christian bale as bruce wayne. before this becomes cloying, let me say i’ve liked him since newsies.

36.What Political Issue Stirred You The Most?
none. i hardly even felt the economic downturn.

37.Who Did You Miss?
martin heidegger, immanuel kant, thomas aquinas, and all those other dead dudes from our department.

38. Who Was The Best New Person You Met?
all of them were great. new friends, co-workers, old friends reconnected. people in 2008 more than made up for the fiends of 2006 and 07.

39.Tell Us A Valuable Life Lesson You Learned In 2008:
there’s no such thing as a boring life, just boring persons. your world is limited only by your own mind’s horizons.

40.Quote Song Lyric That Sum Up The Year:
“Now, it’s all so clear
And I believe that everything’s been opend up for me
And I feel you now
I’m not alone
I’ll always know, I’ll always know where you are” i believe originally by bbmak. performed by googoo dolls for the ost of treasure planet, my fight movie.


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