dance like a mthafk

we probably all know about matt’s dancing wanderlust, the video that’s sweeping the web by storm:

where the hell is matt?’s “dancing”

a youtube user wrote a comment on that video:
“well I knew there was a good reason for you tube. This has got to be one of the top ones. This and the dancing jail guys in the Philippines. I wonder about combining the two…”

of course, he is refering to these guys:


that comment actually makes my day! and you know what, that would be a brilliant idea! combine the two?!?! could someone please spread the word until it reaches matt! so he visits cebu and dances with the inmates there! he could include it in his next “dancing” video…

besides, he has danced with the kids in tagaytay, philippines (04:29 of the “dancing” video ). he could take a trip further south of the country and fulfill our viral imaginations 🙂 what fun!!!


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