i would rather

you have to admit there are some days when you want to cancel your lease on opportunities. or at least postpone them. when you want to stay lodged beneath the comfort pile of simplicity and even settle for a few mediocre joys.

that’s how i find my sanity today. in knowing that chances at conventionally more successful endeavors have presented themselves before me yet i choose the square room of these small subdued tokens, symbols of a life made less complicated by honest pursuit and laid back confidence.

it’s the calm acceptance of the world as it steadily unfolds itself right before my very eyes.

i would still relish having to tread the sidewalks made slick by rain, light drizzle misting your view of the crooked path, going home to the prattle of commonplace female stories, and the atmosphere of instant noodles assaulting your senses, you can actually taste it.


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