one of those days

today i decided to wear one of the outfits they compassionately furnished me with. it has a standing collar which seamlessly goes on to the rest of the top part then ends abrubtly in a gathered empire cut that forms an upside-down v-shape across the center. the neckline narrowly opens down to a point where i wouldn’t dare show, so i wear a bandeau underneath. i like best the ridiculous cuffs: the sleeves end at the elbows, but the cuffs flare with the longest edge down to my palms in an irregular length to form something that would remind you of a lily when i put my hands down to my sides, only elegantly, almost frailly, fastened at the elbows with same-fabric buttons.

i obviously do not know how to wear these strange upscale outfits because right before i stepped out of the house, i reached my right arm across the medium-sized industrial fan to turn it off and my luxuriously commodious cuff got caught in the blades. i didn’t realize what has happened until the fan sputtered like an old engine and stopped for a split second. only then did i jerk and quickly drew my arm away. the longest edge got smudged in month-old dust and the impeccable smoothness got botched, though not unmanageably. i saw part of the seam got torn, but that’s it, not at all noticeable, further proof of the quality of these unusual clothes. anyway, i laundered the foozled part in the sink (while wearing it; it’s a type of outfit that takes special skills to take off and put back on) and ironed flat the criss-crossing creases, carefully avoiding my own wrist in the arduous process.

i usually eat breakfast in my own office. today i forgot to bring my food from home. so i ended up settling for whatever grab-and-go breakfast i can get from the nearest store. that would be junk food, of course. which made me feel like hurling after a few minutes of finishing the bag.

then i take my nicotine fix. i am the only one with an access card into that place, which, as i took my cigarette break, i realized with a foolish fear that i forgot to sling around my neck. stupid. so i locked myself out, big deal. i walked around the compound looking for the building admin who has the “universal” access card but i was informed that she usually reports at 9:30 in the morning. that’s time i couldn’t wait for because i had to take off for one of the stores and all my materials and supplies were locked in. it was a big deal. then i found an upper window that was inadvertently left unlocked, pried it open, had one of the valets climb onto a cabinet, and with a very long broomstick, had him press the button to unlock. that was no simple feat. but it worked.

before i leave for store tasks, i always put up a sign on the door announcing my whereabouts, so people would know if the office is empty or where to find me. this morning, i first put up the wrong sign. so i put it down to get the appropriate one. i put in on wrong side up. so i corrected it. then i went off. i came back later to find that it was another wrong sign after all.

so i am expecting the heels of my shoes to break any minute now, or perhaps my pants to rip off their seams as i plug my equipment, or perhaps my hair to get caught in some sticky substance when i walk along the city street.

this is just one of those days.

p.s., i pressed “save” instead of “publish”. so after i logged out and checked the post that wasn’t there, i had to log back in to publish the post. yes, it is one of those days. and one of those lethargic neurological responses.


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