march 13 is my official rubik’s cube day

i discovered last week that the rubik’s cube has risen like a phoenix to inflict frustration among the uninspired masses. in a day, i ran into three young persons trying to solve it while 1) waiting in line, 2) eating lunch, and 3) being pulled aside by his mother against the oncoming traffic. the re-trending of rubik’s this year may not be as hot as the last time it hit us in the eighties, but i realized i never got around to trying it before, never had the intention of solving it either, though i have turned a few faces aimlessly with my own hands as a child. so i thought maybe i could try and hack it now.

last weekend, a teacher-friend came home with two rubik’s cubes. an original and a clone. of course, i immediately reached for the original. they were confiscated from students last month, and no one has gotten around to claiming them, not even when she announced their presence in class. so she took them home to torment us, i suppose.

a few minutes every night i would try to solve one. it was easy enough to master one face then another, but obviously, that’s not the technique if you want to solve the whole thing. because, needless to say, once you move on to solving the next face, you would have made a mess of the other one you just completed.

so yesterday, i brought one with me to work. and i would whip it out during breaks. i was finally able to conquer the cube during the afternoon break. the joy is unbearable. i took pictures of it like a blueblooded geek.

(feels like dumb luck. only way to find out if it’s not, is if i do it again on the other cube. which i’m trying to solve now…) 


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