moving to the mothership

today, we’re moving to the main office. last january, we have been warned about this impending transfer, but we’ve been expecting it no sooner than september (that’s when the lease contract expires after all). suddenly last week, they said we have to move by friday this week. suddenly yesterday, they said we have to move today. and that just sucks eggs.

all my life we’ve been moving around from house to house, i have been relocated a few times, so this shouldn’t be a big deal to me. but i still happen to hate packing up all my belongings to transfer them to another location. i just never got the hang of it. and i especially hate it if i had to be rushed about it.

i don’t want to leave. i like this office. and i hate the other one. for many various reasons.

but what really gets to me is this: one of the building’s janitor moonlights as our office janitor 3 days every week. he tidies up our place in the afternoons, usually starting at 5 onwards. he gets approximately P250 every week to do this. but he’s going to lose that extra money because we’re leaving. and that’s a big deal to him. he came by this morning asking for a reschedule of his cleaning hours today because there has been a change in his shift this week. that’s when i realized, due to the suddenness of everything, no one has come around to tell him we won’t be needing his services any longer. so when my co-worker tells him, i cannot help but feel absolutely heartbroken while he keeps up with trying to sound ok about it, smiling through staccato words and nodding at me when i glanced his way. we happen to like this man. he is a very pleasant person to be around with. and it really hurts to leave him behind.

my week is ruined. what the heck, i bet the rest of my days is ruined. i just don’t like the location of the other office. and that’s that.


2 Responses to “moving to the mothership”

  1. 1 jillsabs March 5, 2008 at 3:56 am

    where’s your new office at?

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