sad, sad days for cat people like us

the philippine daily inquirer has written an article about the cat carnage in dasma village, a grim, sordid incident which ironically happened just a week before christmas.

gma news has also made it known through saksi and 24 oras. there was even a report already pointing to two suspects.

i don’t know what to think yet.


1 Response to “sad, sad days for cat people like us”

  1. 1 ayen January 8, 2008 at 1:00 am

    ahm, that icarus agenda site is just a test blog. i’m into affiliate marketing. i’m reviewing and trying to improve my company’s affiliate marketing program. i figured i might as well try it out on me.

    the very short stories for harried, harried readers seems to be doing well. it’s a little hard to find, for me at least, and i searched only in natl and powerbooks near my office. if it is selling well, i’d like to attribute that to the free marketing milflores (the publisher) is getting from the authors themselves (a lot of whom are or were into some universities’ creative writing / art studies programs). the authors plug the book cover and blurb into their blogs, friendster accounts, multiply, and so on.

    there are 41 stories and so, 41 authors. there must be some algorhythm governing the marketing potential here. i dont know. the book design i’m not so happy about. looks like a table mat with a waffle pattern.

    but i do recommend it, that book, not because i’m in it (my “notwithstanding pigs” story), but because the range of sudden fiction there, the sheer variety of plot handling and narrative pacing is (in 700 words or less) amazing.

    naturally, some stories there, you could tell, could use some more incubation and rewriting. but that’s just me.

    and yeah, i’ll look into that miles and isabel book you recommended.

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