of vanessa hudgens, nude photos (or when honesty may not be the best policy)

wow, huge blow for the magical world of disney. and huge fodder for that monster called media.

here’s my two cents: all right, so maybe she wasn’t thinking when she had these photos taken (it is rumored that these were in the presence of on-screen/off-screen boyfriend zac efron), but who would have imagined nor meant to have such racy, private pictures leaked, right? but what the hell was she thinking in admitting that these are indeed her photos?!?! could she not have just denied it to death?! i mean, say that this person must be some dead-ringer?

let’s see, could any of these have prompted her into admitting?: a) disney has a stronghold on her with a contract and she wants desperately to get out of it, b) now that she’s 18, she wants to discard the sweet, wholesome image and show people that she is ready for mature roles (oh man, but jessica biel didn’t have to resort to scandal  post-7th heaven!), c) no publicity is bad publicity.

that thoughtless honesty could cost disney so much! now that the parents of her fans (most of whom must be values-driven suburban folks, overprotective soccer moms trying their very best to keep their kids from growing up too fast, much less learning too soon about such circulating perversions) have seen a different side of her, patrons of the movie and its merchandise may decline rapidly. but i wouldn’t know, really. i’m just guessing so…

do you think she has ruined her career? or just steered it towards a different direction?

ok, i know some of us want to see it (pervs :p), so here’s the link:


and the pre-full frontal nudity:


hey, if these were taken before she turned 18, are we in trouble for looking at them?


6 Responses to “of vanessa hudgens, nude photos (or when honesty may not be the best policy)”

  1. 1 Joseph September 17, 2007 at 3:32 pm

    When I first heard about the pics, I couldn’t believe it. When I finally got to see the pics, I was still a bit skeptical. In my mind I was thinking that they were all just photos of a spot-on lookalike of Vanessa Hudgens. But they weren’t!

    I think her career has just taken a step in a different direction because of this. I could picture her as the next Lindsay Lohan. Think of it — they both started off their careers with wholesome Disney roles and around this age, start to show off a little sexuality to the public eye. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. I can’t even think of an incident where some naughty sextape or racy photo has been the cause for the downfall of a celebrity’s career. Maybe from now on she’ll attract a different and even larger audience while reconciling with her suburbanites viewers.

    She did, after all, tell the truth. Not even Bill Clinton could pull that off.

  2. 2 ayen September 17, 2007 at 4:07 pm

    sorry about that ghost story you just read. by the way, that got rejected in an anthology of ghost stories i submitted to. haaay. i’m reworking it.

    ano, next time, i will make a special foreword for my blog-posted ghost stories: “tessa, you might want to skip this.”


  3. 3 cat with the fiddle September 18, 2007 at 3:09 am

    yes, please do. hehe 😀

    i have not read ghost stories nor watched scary movies since i was 14. except m. night shyamalan, of course, because he’s eccentric and i love that.

  4. 4 cat with the fiddle September 18, 2007 at 3:59 am

    hi joseph, you are so right. vanessa may be on the same career path as lindsay lohan. and LL isn’t doing too bad now, is she? well, outside of rehab and DUI, that is…

    nevertheless, i actully like the “transition” films of LL, “confessions of a teenage drama queen” and “mean girls.” they’re somehow intelligent chick flicks… at least, in my point of view…

  5. 5 Dubioz Don September 24, 2007 at 1:44 am

    And the moral of the story is…..

    Ladies, NEVER let your boyfriend take pictures. 😀

  6. 6 cat with the fiddle September 24, 2007 at 2:32 am

    and then–gasp!–rumor has it that vanessa also sent racy photos to drake bell!

    but i think drake’s camp denies this allegation. but what a juicy scandal, isn’t it?

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