notes: on girl issues and hang ups

(i keep notes of thoughts and things i learn from observing people, reading books and watching tv.  here are a few on a general topic)

mean girls and insecurity

arrogance may be a mask to shield insecurities. because behind all the things they brag about, there may be nothing there.

yet many girls struggle to be accepted by, and even belong to, the group of mean girls. that’s because they seem to wield the most power, garner the highest popularity. you should know that, for the most part, mean girls put other people down because that is their means by which to conceal their insecurities: pushing others down in order to bring themselves up. in effect, trying to fit into their group may not be to your personal advantage: instead of rubbing off their “power” on you, they rub off their insecurities. (they’re only “power” is putting people down. that’s it. get over it)


a girl’s show of anger may just be a translation of pain and aching. you see, anger is commonly seen as a manifestation of power, so it is often used as an act to cover up a deep-seated hurt. because society does not look kindly upon showing sadness, and breaking into tears is always equated with vulnerability.

so when you get angry, you ought to look more closely into yourself and try to uncover what it is exactly that makes you ache.

so sad, sad, sad.

peer pressure

(in relation to drugs and alcohol) it’s not always that we succumb to peer pressure because we are tempted towards the effects of drugs and alcohol. a lot of times, we give in because we don’t want to alienate ourselves from those who engage in it. we all long for a sense of belongingness.

on the other hand, a lot of girls find it difficult to refuse because they don’t want to seem as if they are trying to be “better” than those who take the substance. it’s a tough dilemma.

“replacement theory”

many times girls succumb to the pressures of a wrong crowd because they may have no other group of friends to “replace” them with. and identifying with a group is one fo the most significant factors in a girl’s life.

“you complete me”

many girls swooned at that line from jerry maguire and have even waited for the perfect opportunity to deploy that statement in real life.

they should realize that a person should be complete by herself, and must not rely on somebody alse to make them whole. a significant other should only serve to “add more” to a life that is already complete to begin with. “supplement”, not “complement”.  


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