“six weird things about me”

i have been tagged by lory for this.

1. i pick up (or stop to pet) stray cats. constantly. have been doing so since i was eight. whether i am with somebody or on my own.

2. i am deadly afraid of ghosts. and i mean manically. a full-blown phobia. a clinical case. i have seen a few scary movies, read a few ghost stories, watched a few documentaries on paranormal activity when i was younger. i don’t think i have gotten over the fear ever since. i have not watched nor read nor listened to anything scary for over ten years now (except the phenomenon that is the sixth sense, the annoying forwarded emails on mysterious occurences, witchcraft and apparitions, and the even more annoying prank emails that shock you with horrifying pictures that suddenly appear from seemingly innocent landscapes or song lyrics. i hate senders of these emails. curse you.). i whole-heartedly detest good friday and halloween, the two holidays known for ghoul-infested nights. i can’t even stand to watch TV on these seasons because of those silly “spooktacular” specials. oh please.

3. i hum tunes when i space out. so people next to me on the shuttle sometimes look quizzically at me (this morning, i hummed the fatboy slim remake of “signs”, originally by five man electrical band).

4. i count a lot. the number of steps it takes to get from where i step out of the shuttle to the office. the number of seconds i brush each portion of my set of teeth. the number of stalls in a flea market. the number of shoes on display. the number of seconds it takes me to wait in line to the toilet (then i divide the total number of seconds by the total number of people i had to wait for so i could come up with an average). the number of people on each pew within my range of vision (then i divide the total number of people with the number of pews so i could come up with an average).

5. i have the most bizarre sense of direction. i get lost in malls and office buildings. i surely get lost in streets. i have a pair of birthmarks on my left forearm; i used to refer to them to figure out where my left and my right sides are.

6. i intentionally step on dry leaves. because i like the sound and the sensation.

i tag jill.


3 Responses to ““six weird things about me””

  1. 1 ayen July 23, 2007 at 2:14 pm

    “2. i am deadly afraid of ghosts.”

    you’re just like my wife. 😛

  2. 2 tessa July 24, 2007 at 9:02 am

    then we are both very unfortunate…

  3. 3 jillsabs July 25, 2007 at 5:43 am

    hala! hindi pa naman ako pumapatol sa tags! buti na lang malakas ka sa akin :p

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