divinatory arts

the other sunday, lory and i had our numbers interpreted, our stars decoded, our chi translated and our futures told. this is lory’s third mystical assessment, but it was a first for me.

i am not a believer of such occultism, but, what the heck, what have i got to lose?

so here were the divinatory arts we submitted ourselves to:

Numerology. the system of beliefs in mystical relationships between numbers and physical objects and/or living things.
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Feng Shui. the ancient chinese practice of placement and arrangement of space to achieve harmony with the environment.
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Astrology. the most popular of these pseudosciences, astrology deals with systems and traditions relating celestial bodies to the understanding and interpretation of our personalities and affairs.
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I-Ching Cards. this is a deck that represents the i-ching wisdom in card format. i-ching is an ancient chinese oracle based on 64 hexagrams.
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(Talismanic Cards from Spain). there was one deck i wouldn’t know much about. all i remember being mentioned was that they were less specific than tarot and that they originated in spain… 

Tarot. not many people know this, but the tarot deck is used historically for card games. in other countries though where these games are mostly unknown, the deck is used for divination. 
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Pendulum Divination. this must be my favorite for the day. as the name suggests, it involves the use of a pendulum to answer “yes/no” questions, to determine the gender of unborn children and to uncover years or months when we could expect certain things to occur. 
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now let’s see, what do i make of these? i wouldn’t live a life dependent upon predictions nor would i pattern my actions around luck-inducing objects or activities. i am simply fascinated by divinations and i am always in awe of the rich tradition surrounding these arts. we ought to know that many of the empirical sciences trace their origins from such pseudosciences, e.g., astronomy from astrology, mathematics from numerology, and chemistry from alchemy.

a lot of people may already consider occult quack, but remember: our ancestors took these very seriously. only at the dawn of enlightenment were these practices pushed into the realm of the irrational. which probably means that our great grandchildren may consider many of the things we hold true today as preposterous by then.


2 Responses to “divinatory arts”

  1. 1 ton June 7, 2007 at 1:41 am

    hey, i replied to your comment…

    anynway, i think some of these mysticisms work because people believe in them.. not that their practices actually work but, psychologicall-speaking, it’s healthy for a human being to think that he is able to exercise some definite control over his life, that he is able to explain things surrounding him that are seemingly inexplicable.. and so with this faith, blind as it may be, produces a more hopeful and energetic person..

    or something to that effect..

    on the more practical side, it provides order and guidance on how to live life since these things are usually accompanied by their own philosophies.. which, strictly speaking, don’t really vary much from one another and have a lot in common with our more traditional beliefs like living a balanced life, etc…

  2. 2 tessa June 7, 2007 at 3:37 am

    whatever faith or mystical belief we subscribe to, we would find most values similar from one to the other. because the human spirit is universal and things that matter most like wisdom, courage, kindness will always be held with importance.

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